Traditional foams made of viscoelastic material are being used in mattresses for long. But now a new kind of foam is getting used in mattresses and that is plant based memory foam. Many of us do not have much knowledge about the differences of these two. So in this article in we will discuss about both of the mattresses which will help you to compare between the two.


About traditional memory foam– This mattress is made from petroleum based polyurethane. The procedure was initially urbanized by NASA but later acquired and launched into the big market. This kind of foam is heat susceptible; it responds by solidify in cold places and become softer in warm. It helps to boost blood circulation and decreases the amount of strain you get on a range of joint of all over the body as you sleep. It makes for a much better sleeping surroundings all round.


About plant based memory foam– Plant-based memory foam is made of less petroleum products with lots plant-derived oils. Plant based memory foam have really been publicized to get better breathability and eradicate other anxiety without heat preservation matters. There is less complains regarding heat preservation, smell and chemical, extreme viscosity, and determination randomness in this mattress.


Comparison in different categories-

In health issues– Plant base memory foam does not contains materials like deep metals, unsafe additives or toxic chemicals which are bad for health while traditional memory foam contains petroleum products which are not good for health in certain ways.


Preserving heat– Traditional mattresses preserve heat more easily that plant based memory foam so somehow it cannot provide that kind of comfort.


Time of response– This is a vital part of any mattress. The comeback time of foam refers to how rapidly it proceeds to its unique shape or raconteur to the actions of the sleeper. Plant base memory foam takes 6-8 seconds while traditional memory foam takes 45-60 seconds as per the review.


In aspect of price– If you made a comparison between these two types of mattresses in aspect of price then plant based memory foam mattress is much affordable than traditional memory foam mattress.